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5 Best Practices to make your SMS Marketing Campaign Successful

One of the major ongoing trends in marketing is no doubt SMS marketing. It is now used by almost every industry to market their products on a larger scale. Businesses that have adopted SMS marketing have definitely raised their conversions and profits. Actually, there are some solid reasons of why mobile phone messaging is still a very strong marketing channel. First of all, there are estimated 4 billion mobile phone users around the world and over 7 trillion SMS messages are sent annually. These stats show how much cell phones are now involved in our daily life. SMS marketing best practices Secondly, mobile text messaging have high user engagement rate as compared to other online messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO. Users are more hesitant in clicking links or ads but usually everyone check mobile phone inbox for messages. A recent research by Dynmark has discovered that nearly 98% of text messages are opened on a daily basis. I have shown you a glimpse of the true potential of SMS marketing, let’s see some useful tips of how you can make your SMS messaging campaign successful.  

Make SMS Communication Easy

Just like the email subscription or shopping carts you should provide easy options to your customers to choose either they want to be contacted or not. Many companies are using numeric short codes to achieve this goal. It’s better to use your own vanity short codes.

Choose Perfect Timing for Sending SMS

SMS promotion is very effective for retail shops and if used properly by sending SMS on perfect timings during the day can double sales. The timing factor is vital because if you send SMS after store hours or late night then this is a very good strategy to turn off your potential customers.

Offer Some Value in the Message

It’s a powerful strategy used by almost every experienced marketer. It works very well on mobile phones because users are very cautious about giving their cell number. Prepare messages carefully by adding some value, in this way you will remain in the good books of your target users.

Clear Communication

Precise message is effective in SMS marketing, because no one reads a huge message or messages. Within few words, you have to deliver your business message to your potential customers. In order to do this, keep the communication clear from the beginning and fulfill your users expectations by sending message on the right time and in suitable frequency. This strategy greatly minimizes confusion and un-subscriptions.

Transactional Messages

In case of email marketing, the transactional messages specially that contain bills or order forms and other paid offers with discount have a very high click through rate and produce leads. The same is the case of SMS marketing, transactional messages are very effective to connect with potential customers and improve engagement with them.

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