A2P SMS Service Provider | Application to Person Messaging Service

Reputable A2p SMS Service Provider Make Businesses Bloom

A2p refers to Application to Person which is a revolutionary short messaging technology that is growing in the market for the past decade. A2P is used for sending SMS messages from an application, the telecommunication company or an A2p SMS Service Provider makes this possible. The great bulk SMS capabilities are alerts, notifications, and marketing SMS messages. This is different from P2P SMS where a text message is exchanged between two subscribers of a mobile company. The messages flow smoothly and quickly from an application to a mobile user in A2P. There are several advantages of this technology for businesses around the globe, let us discover. application to person messaging service

Primary Goal of Application to Person Messaging Service

The application to Person messaging service is available for Individual and large businesses in any part of the world. It is very beneficial in communicating with consumers and deliver alerts and marketing messages which are time sensitive and attractive. The application initiates the communication seamlessly and users receive messages without delay on their phones. Multinational companies, major Banks and financial institutions use Application to Person Messaging Service (A2P) heavily for sending marketing notifications, critical and informative alerts, loyalty programs to keep their customers up to date. The end result is improvement in communication and increased sales for business. This amazing technology has been around for over 15 years now, it is getting popular day by day. Clients become happy to receive anti-fraud alerts on their mobile phones and do not have to call their Bank for their balance statements. They get the withdrawal notifications through A2P service without any effort.

The Growing A2P Messaging Market Size

The amazing statistical record shows that the global A2P messaging market size has increased tremendously from 2013 to 2016. Alone in 2014, the revenue generated from this incredible service was 55 billion US dollars. It is a wise decision in 2016-17 to choose a reputable A2P SMS Service Provider to increase business efficiency and customer communication. 4S Telecom is satisfying large number of customers globally and is the leading A2P SMS Service Provider for building a bridge between customers and businesses. Clients love our state-of-the-art bulk SMS Services and prefer sending their urgent promotions, reminders and updates through 4S Telecom network. The bulk SMS marketing is a specialty of 4S Telecom we have the best engineers and technology to bring value to our client’s business.

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