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Bulk SMS Services Provider Company

SMS-SOLUTIONS, bulk sms services provider company If you are looking for the best SMS service providers? You are on the right platform. We the 4s Telecom, are the best bulk SMS services provider company in the modern era. Growing to a larger scale in our business, we have achieved a lot of goals in our service career. The 4s Telecom company covers over 800 networks in 200+ different countries. Due to our internationally grown business, our company is a highly reputable organization among other telecom companies in the world. We are generally known for our best SMS and VOIP services in the telecom field. The main purpose of our company is to provide the best and excellent SMS services to the people along with other value added services that provide best reliabilities to the people.   Today we are going to present the bulk SMS services! Don’t know what it is? Bulk SMS is also used for the SMS marketing by different customers. Ok, so now we have here the best SMS bulk service. This means you can send a lot of SMS in a bulk within seconds. There are also a lot of other features that this SMS bulk service provides. That are;  
  • This bulk SMS service offers the people the opportunity that they can send a message in schedules depending on their priorities. So it is pre-schedule SMS service.
  • It also offers the customers an unsubscribing option with a 2-way messaging solution. This solution includes the short code and long code. These codes are only used if the SMS you are sending is in bulk.
  • This service also offers the people a complete delivery report to let know that your message has been sent to the person you have sent the message.
  • This SMS service provides the direct mobile operator connection in a reliable way.
  • You must be thinking; how many messages you can send in a second using this SMS bulk service? Well, you are provided with the facility to send 500 SMS/second throughput. The messages will be delivered instantly and you will also receive reports.
  • We also provide branded masking for the brand advertisements.

Experienced SMS Bulk Service Provider

With a great experience of years in this field, we are the best SMS bulk service provider at present. We also assure you of our great services regarding anything related to SMS marketing. We are among the best International Bulk SMS Providers Being a partner of world class international telecom companies like Airtel, Vimplecom, STC, Telenor etc. Making an international standard of the company, we are well known within the international bulk SMS providers market.

How to send SMS in bulk?

After all that, you must be thinking that how to send SMS in bulk? Sending messages in a bulk is not hectic. It’s as simple as sending a single text message to someone. All you have to do is add the recipient number and enter a number of messages you want to send and click the send option. It will start sending the messages. Moreover, you can send the bulk SMS through the desktop application or through API gateway.