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SMS Marketing: Long Codes or Short Codes?

Mobile message is the fastest and most reliable channel that is used by smart marketers these days. According to a survey, around 50% of the website traffic comes from the mobile devices, which means that mobiles are the most used gadgets in today’s world. Because of the fast delivery, cheap rates, and prompt response, SMS Read More

Voice Broadcasting: Increase your Sales and Revenue

Voice broadcasting is one of the best methods to convey your message to your target customers on a big scale. As a business owner, you can also use this method to send notifications and updates to your employees and customers. It is a very reliable and fast method of spreading message regarding your product or Read More

How to carry out a Successful Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS marketing is getting popular as it has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. This marketing technique is faster and cheaper and allows you to connect with a large number of people at one time. But to carry out a successful SMS marketing campaign, it is important to contact a bulk SMS service Read More

5 Things to know about VoIP Termination Service

VoIP termination service routes the telephone calls between different providers until the calls reach the last phone company and is received by the final recipient. VoIP termination is basically a term used for call termination, and these services are provided by telephone companies. To make it simpler, when a call is made, it is termed Read More

Why Small Businesses Need to Try SMS Marketing

Starting a small business is not as simple at seems as you need to work very hard to make it flourish. Sometimes starting a business can be easy, but maintaining it is not a piece of cake. There can be many things that a small business owner faces; lack of customers, inexperienced staff, money constraint, Read More

The Greater Advantages of A Bulk SMS Reseller Campaign

The bulk SMS services are not limited to any specific trade or business field. It has a much broader scope in fact. Some people also think that bulk SMS is too inquisitive and they hesitate to use this platform for avoiding any negative remarks from the prospective customers. But the advantages of bulk SMS are Read More

Hook your Customers by Using 2-Way SMS as a Reliable Communications Tool

An ineffective communication with your customers can lead to loss of revenue and put a bad impact on your overall business. Customers always want someone to respond to them and answer to their queries. If not responded on time, your customers may get annoyed and will stop taking interest in your brand. Today’s business need Read More

Advantages of VoIP System for Small Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is getting increasingly preferred for businesses of all sizes because of its cheapness and ease of communication. In spite of being cheap, the VoIP system doesn’t trades off on productivity and efficiency. What is VoIP? VoIP is a technology or technique used for making calls through broadband internet to deliver Read More

Difference between Short Code and Long Code Text Messaging Service in USA

Short messaging service obeys some rules and protocols of the modern telecommunication and networking technology, the short code SMS and long code text messaging have the same rules applicable to them which differentiate them technically. A long code phone number in the sense of telecommunications is a ten-digit number with an area code as a Read More