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What is the Importance of Increasing A2P SMS Market for Mobile Operators

The evolution of SMS marketing had first started when Neil Papwell had sent the first ever SMS of Merry Christmas in 1992 era. Still today SMS is a popular and highly trusted messaging service even after the rise of OTT (over-the-top) messaging services such as Skype, Snapchat and WhatsApp. It is observed that there is something special about receiving an SMS that automatically triggers users attention. It is very rare that a person have hundreds of unread texts. Usually, everyone have at least one WhatsApp group with numerous unread messages. A2P SMS service Short message service is continuously evolving because mobile operators are working to make it better as compared to insanely popular OTT messaging services.  Some people believe that SMS as a channel is finished they are drawing wrong conclusions because it will continue to be an essential mode of quick communication for a long time.

The Future of A2P SMS

Companies use Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS service for marketing messages, notifications and alerts. Some people associate A2P messaging to Spamming as there are very handy tools for it. A2P messaging service has scope in education, financial and healthcare sectors. For example, patients can get SMS alerts about their reports arrival from the lab to the medical center. Students can get updates about special seminars, classes and new programs. Similarly, SMS alert of banking transactions is another example.  The performance indicator of SMS campaign is to understand how much users can consume A2P messages. There are some other valid reasons of why still SMS stands as a strong channel to reach potential customers.

Anyone having Mobile Phone can Receive SMS

Short message service is a basic application installed in every mobile phone in the world. SMS can reach global as compared to OTT because instant messaging services are fragmented around the world. Kakao, Line, WeChat and IMO messengers are popular in Asia, Apple iMessenger is popular in USA and WhatsApp is ruling in EU. Additionally, in various parts of world internet and data service is very poor. SMS in comparison is unaffected globally.

A2P SMS is Secure

For secure and reliable A2P communications SMS is the best option. It is vital for financial services and ticketing providers organizations, who rely on sending sensitive data. 4S Telecom A2P messaging suite guarantees 100% security to its subscribers and has a highly secured system. Let us know about your thoughts about A2P SMS service. Contact Us here

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