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Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

With Managed Services, you hand over the hassle and worry of managing your Telecom business to someone you can trust. From our manufacturer-independent planning and implementation to our best-in-class post-install support, you can be sure your SMS/VOIP/VOICE BROADCASTING Business is being proactively managed by someone who knows your equipment and your software inside and out. Our program helps you to concentrate on sales and leave uncertainties associated with owning and managing advanced technology. Be our White Label Reseller or use our managed telecom solutions and run your telecom business with piece of mind!

Our Managed Services Offer:

White Label Reseller

This is one of the main service as part of our Telecom services for startup companies or IT companies/person who have no Telecom background, and we provide a policy based service where we offer you White Label SMS/VOIP/VOICE Broadcasting web based services and equipment maintenance. Our IaaS characteristics includes bandwidth provision, automated administrative tasks, security and dynamic scaling platform. You use our 800+ Carriers Connections in 220+ Countries and start selling services with your branding in any part of the world. We offer competitive prices, ensured quality, 24/7 Tech support. Start your own Telecom business with minimal investment from today and start making good money and leave worries of maintaining expensive telecom infrastructures or hiring technical team to maintain it. Our cloud based systems can deliver Millions of SMS, Voice Calls & Recorded Messages to any part of world!

Rented Solutions

Rented Solutions is just like White Label Reseller system but in this solution you use our dedicated infrastructure to run your business, you make your own Vendor connections to Carriers around the world and pay monthly rental fee for our Technical infrastructure (Hardware/Software) & Technical Support. This solution is perfect for small/medium size ITSP who wants to have complete control of their business in terms of Buying/Selling.

Purchased Solutions

If you want to use our 10+ years industry proven experience and want to purchase highly reliable telecom infrastructure to run your Telecom business then contact us. We'll deliver you systems which can offer you secure & scalable solutions for your SMS/VOIP/VOICE BROADCASTING business needs. We offer free installation & training when you purchase services from us. We can also offer critical technical support in monthly fee & our turn around time is always few minutes!