SMS marketing strategy Mobile internet and android systems are making revolutionary changes in our lives. Whenever you have to contact anyone, your instincts first goes to Whatsapp, Viber and other remarkable applications like these. But no matter how advance these applications and modern technology gets; “old is gold”. Ever since we started using mobiles, our first mode of the chat was SMS. No matter what these endless lists of applications throw at you, Short Message service is still being used all around the globe; it’s still reigning as its still running. Thus, SMS marketing happens to be an extremely potent marketing strategy. Now, there are a few pros that explain why shall we use SMS marketing, which we are going to discuss.

Higher Return on Investment for SMS Marketing

Email marketing is few steps back than the SMS marketing. The ROI (return on investment) is less for email marketing and higher for SMS marketing. As we all know that a text message is received in a matter of few seconds and as it happens to be on a mobile phone we get a reply really quick. While on the other hand email is received late than a text message and replied late as well. That’s how to text message marketing is more effective than email marketing.

Action And Lead By Example- SMS Marketing Strategy

There are a few things that can improve both these strategies viz; SMS marketing strategy and email marketing strategy.
  • Merger; in this type of action-oriented marketing you have to combine the two of these strategies. To do so, all you have to do is email all the bulky matter to the client and send him reminders, a few tit bits and little information via SMS.
  • Improve the database; incorporate both the strategies in your database. Send clients email ids via SMS and phone numbers via email.
  • Summarise; the precise your text message is the better it is to understand in a jiffy. The longer you write, the more difficult it is for the client to understand.
  • Impressive keywords; starting statement must be easily understandable and highly important as these keywords appear on the client’s phone when they receive your text.
  • Be crystal clear; be exact with what you want with the client. Cover up all that you have to say in one sixty characters of a text message.
  • Leave a contact number; the client might want to call you in any scenario. So it’s better to leave you a number in the message.
  • Leave a link; apart from the number you have to leave a link to your site so that the client can easily and abruptly move from SMS to the page.
  • Be convenient; don’t be difficult for the client as in sending a message after midnight. Be convenient and do this task after the office hours or in the afternoon.
  • Partitioning of clients; clients must be divided into categories relevant to their interest so that you only send them messages of their interest.
Wherever the clients are, they do not always have access to their PCs but mobile being portable is always with its owner. So, merge the two strategies of email and SMS, and you can work wonders. The project or information which is needed to be accessed quickly, send that via text message and the task which is needed to be worked on in a lot of time, send it via email. Interconnecting both strategies is the key to success of SMS marketing.

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