Things to Consider While Hiring SMS API Service Provider

Things you should consider Before Hiring an SMS API Service Provider

People get stressed when it comes to the logistics and technicalities of when and how their messages will be delivered. They should be focusing on the content of messages in terms of user engagement and sales. At this stage you need a reliable SMS API service provider.

How SMS API Works?

Usually people don’t care about how much the SMS sending and receiving process is complex. They take this service for granted and use simplified interfaces to send and receive text messages daily and don’t bother to think about the technology working behind the scenes.

SMS API Service

Imagine there might be hundreds of mobile phone networks and operators in the world. Every one of them is using a different format and technology. Some receive ASCII format messages and some use binary format. Some clients work with one carrier, whereas millions of other clients select another one. Now another important question, what happens to the message if the recipient’s mobile phone is off, where the message will be saved until the cell phone is turned back on?

Have you ever wondered why lengthy messages are split in to shorter ones to keep their character count stipulations in order? A lot of new things are happening in technology side and it is quite difficult for an inexperienced one to launch SMS marketing campaign without any technical support.  The SMS Application Programming Interface (API) is used to simplify and alter text messages into the suitable format in order to prepare them for receiving and accessed with small effort.

Features of a Reliable SMS API

Almost every SMS service provider has an SMS API and they differ from each other in terms of security, quality and features. When you search for an SMS provider, you should check few things mentioned below:

Easy Deployment of SMS API

The best API is the one that doesn’t give a clue that it’s there. It functions from the background and should not distract you. This is the case of deployment and there are many kinds of structures and you should select the one that fulfills your needs without any delays in achieving time-sensitive goals.

Network Infrastructure Strength

The effectiveness of your SMS strategy depends on the reliability of your API. Actually, you have to make sure that network infrastructure is capable of managing large volumes of text messages and data without crashing. A 99.99% server uptime is a must, anything less than this can be disastrous and can severely compromise your communication with clients.

Service Cost

Cost is an important aspect because budget is certainly a concern for every company regardless of the size. You will find various pricing tiers in the SMS API industry and you have to decide according to your budget and business requirements, which package suites the best. However, you should stay away from the cheapest option because it definitely lacks quality and reliability.

SMS Sending Speed

The key advantage of SMS as compared to email and other marketing channels is that it’s fast with good reach. A text message reaches in seconds to the target audience and can be read in minutes. If the speed factor is missing then SMS is just another marketing or communication tool. So it is vital that you should look for the SMS API with higher throughput capacity. Some service provider offer 25 messages per second, while others can send up to 100 SMS per second. You can see the difference and it’s a big advantage to have more. It is recommended to take this feature seriously for API selection.

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