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Wholesale VOIP Service Providers: A Communication Triumph

VOIP has been the mightiest sensation in the sphere of technology in past few years. Besides masking the life easier for common household users who could now opt to talk to their loved ones, at super-cheap rates, it also has a great impact in commercial circles. As compared to other wholesale VOIP service providers our service in particular has been proven to be quite expedient when it comes to running businesses that have strong links with the telecommunications. Even if it is general purpose business in any other field, it would require heavy communication with the suppliers, customers, banks etc. to ensure that the chores run smooth and steady. So make a wise decision while looking the top wholesale VOIP service providers in the market. wholesale voip service providers

Wholesale VOIP Services by 4S Telecom

There are number of companies who are now coming forward to introduce some whopping low wholesale VOIP services rates, and have captivated the market. The most exciting prospect that has propelled in only last few months is the fact that you could get a number of other fascinating services by the same companies, and not just the cheap calls. This development has indeed redefined the meaning of VOIP, it no more just about the voice over IP. The most talked about service which they provide is the API.

Wholesale VOIP Termination Service Provider

Termination is another of the salient features of the functionalities offered. Although collocation is made certain by many, it is still quite a rarity, but with the same advancement and competition in the field we could surely expect thing to be more of a norm in the future. Portal, E911 are also getting quite an inclination. Quite surprisingly, certain wholesale VOIP providers are also offering the usage of calling cards, something ruled out as being out-dated. So it is not all about innovation, but also about bringing the previous golden procedures to offer which were needlessly put out of use. 4S Telecom has the status of high quality wholesale VOIP termination service provider. wholesale voip termination service provider

Comparing Wholesale VOIP Service Providers

The rates are on a lower spectrum, but might vary from one country to another. The ones to USA and countries in EU are usually quite lower as compared to countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, or any developing country for that matter. The lowest you could expect to get on USA is as little as $0.0098. Quite surprisingly if you are calling to a toll free number in USA, you could get it done for absolutely free, provided that you meet certain conditions set by the wholesale VOIP services provider. The same rate applies for the Canada; however the free of cost call at a toll free number is less probable. UK is by far the cheapest country when it comes to our wholesale VOIP rates as you could call at $0.0068 and equivalent amount of pound starlings. As far as the ‘reputed’ wholesale VOIP providers are considered, 4S Telecom is the best of all. The other renowned ones include the likes of Metro Ethernet and flow route. You are better off being cautious about the fraudulent ones, and those as well which offer substandard services and unfairly higher rates to the customers. You might also like to sign in for the packages to enjoy further benefits. Shoot an email or give us a call for further information.

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